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Insanity can be described as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Let one of our local fundraising coaches help you break through your fundraising barriers with our proven system.


Great products won’t sell if they never leave your participants’ backpacks. Our POWER+ Fundraising System magnifies 5 themes that, when implemented, will motivate your participants and guarantee your success.

Proprietary Tech

We live in a digital age where a large portion of our relationships cross some digital surface.  By leveraging these relationships in addition to face-to-face ones, we are able to increase your sales year over year without fail.


Mailing you order forms and a “how-to” pamphlet to get your fundraiser started is not how we roll. We pride ourselves in being physically and mentally involved with all of the groups that trust us to improve their fundraising.


Using a product that your participants believe in is one of the easiest ways to guarantee your fundraising success. All of our product are of the utmost quality and offer a great value that all of your participants can stand behind.

POWER+ System

Our Secret Sauce

Motivating youth to achieve more than what they themselves believe they can accomplish is an art we feel privileged to study. Our POWER+ Fundraising System brings together 5 key elements to effectively accomplish such a task in your fundraiser.


POWER+ fundraisers have clearly defined goals set for specific purposes.

How we do that:

  • Identify Needs
  • Focus Purpose
  • Remove Fluff
  • Define Goals

POWER+ fundraisers are well thought out, carefully planned, and brilliantly organized.

How we do that:

  • Strategic Calendar
  • Create Groups
  • Track Inventory
  • Record Sales
Well Informed

POWER+ fundraisers have well informed leaders, participants, and parents.

How we do that:

  • Leadership Meetings
  • Set Expectations
  • Inform Early/Often
  • Kick Off Events

POWER+ fundraisers are executed according to the an action plan.

How we do that:

  • Keep Event Dates
  • Follow-Through
  • Complete Tasks
  • Act Quickly

POWER+ fundraisers have meaningful rewards for all achievement levels.

How we do that:

  • Reward Success
  • Deter Mediocracy
  • Public Recognition
  • Prompt Delivery
Mobile TEch

Sales Made Easy

The "+" in POWER+. By harnessing the ease and accessibility of mobile devices, every participant fully engages in the campaign from start to finish. The American Youth App eliminates the organizational, motivational, and selling barriers for all participants and leaders.

Leader Benefits
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Monitor Sales/Goals
  • Track Money In/Out
  • Confirm Prizes
participant Benefits
  • Sell by Credit/Debit/SMS
  • Promote via Social
  • Team Competitions
  • Earn/Order Prizes

making you successful


Successful campaigns


Raised for Youth


Client Retention
What We do

The Heavy Lifting

Our team of former athletes and coaches know the struggles and time constraints you experience. That is why we ask you to leave the fundraising campaign management to us. From initial leadership meetings where we install our POWER+ Fundraising System to final delivery, we will be there every step of the way to lead you to success.

What You do

Catalyst to Succeed

As former athletes, we understand the influence our coaches had in our development. We respect those men and women and appreciate them for pushing us to be our very best. Your athletes feel the same about you and are looking for ways to improve and succeed. By leaving the management to us, your time is spent motivating your team to individual and collective success.

trying to make us blush

What people say about us

They plan and coordinate fundraisers and camp so our coaches and team can focus on what is important.  Their reps are a wealth of knowledge and very reliable.

Booster President
Desert Ridge HS Football

If you're not working with the team at @AY_BILT American Youth for fundraising, you're doing it wrong. Solid group there!

Vance MIller
Mesquite HS Football

We will never stop using them! The deals they find for our discount cards are always spot on and all the prizes are coveted by the kids in our program.  We look forward to fundraising each year!

Booster Treasurer
Campo Verde HS Football
Products That Work

You Know You Want 'Em

The last piece to the puzzle is offering great products that supporters of your organization want.  These items in addition to our online crowdfunding platform is the surefire way to hit your financial fundraising goals this season and many future season to come.

Custom Cards
Pride Cards

Our premier $20 custom discount card for fundraising. Includes both unlimited and one time use discounts from your specific area.

Stock Cards
Power Cards

Our best selling off-the-self fundraising discount cards. Any group of any size will be successful using this fundraising discount card.

Cookie DOugh

With quality and taste is second to none, our cookie dough fundraisers are easy and profitable. We student pack each order and are there the day of delivery.

Poppin' Popcorn
Gourmet Popcorn

Poppin' good and extremely easy to run. We offer 6 flavors of scrumptious popcorn that is delivered to the school already separated by student.

Donation Campaign

You have supporters all over the country that want to help you group achieve its goals. Through text, email, and social, our donation systems helps them do just that.

COntact US

We Offer SOlutions

We would love to hear what your fundraising goals and struggles are to see if we have a solution. Most times we have just the right answer but we are also honest when we don't. Drop us a note and we will be in contact shortly.

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