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Our story

American Youth's Beginning

Founded in 2004 from an idea of a college student to now being the largest fundraising, camp, and recruiting event company in Arizona, we feel humbled and blessed to help the coaches of the next generation accomplish their goals every single day both on and off the field.

When we first started, our sole focus was on fundraising for high school aged athletic, performing arts, and other extracurricular groups. For almost a decade this is all we did and we got very good at it. We pioneered new ways to raise, smarter ways to raise, and more effective way to raise and in turn our groups made more money! We made another huge splash in 2018 with the launch of our mobile fundraising sales app. Since its launch, it has become the envy of the industry and our teams continue to exceed expectations year over year.

In 2012, after seeing our impact from successfully fundraising with our teams, we wanted to see how else we could help. That is when long time client and friend Donnie Yantis ask if we could help him with his football team's pre-season away camp. After a few discussions on what he was looking for and what was missing from his current options, we set out to provide a solution. We had no idea it would grow into the solution for over 1,500 coaches and 15,000 athletes over the next decade.

Our mission

Build Individuals, Leaders & Teams

It was after seeing the impact of our solutions that we adopted a mission statement more focused on our end goal instead of the steps to get there. We were not just a fundraising company helping teams obtain financial success. We were not just a camp company making team camps easier for coaches. We were a catalyst to help all coaches and leaders Build Individuals, Leaders, & Teams (or BILT for short).  

Since that realization, there isn't a day that goes by or a decision that is made without first thinking on how this will build individuals, leaders, and teams. Whether a football coach or a band director, we feel privileged to help you build the future of your community, your state, and our country.


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison
trying to make us blush

What people say about us

Fundraising with @AY_BILT has been a great experience. The establishments with the discount cards are excellent and the sales reps are true professionals when it comes to accountability and delivery.

Rick Garretson
Chandler High Football

If you're not working with the team at @AY_BILT American Youth for fundraising, you're doing it wrong. Solid group there!

Vance MIller
Mesquite HS Football

Quite possibly the biggest recruiting showcase event ever! 58 AZ HS FB teams gathered in one location to maximize the recruiting exposure for all of the players in the state 1A - 6A. Huge props for putting on this event.

Jason Mohns
Saguaro HS Football
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Since 2004, we have been the go to resource for 1000's of youth groups. Please reach us by phone at (602) 609-7349 or drop us a quick note and we will get back to you shortly.

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