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Are there any upfront costs?

None of our fundraisers have upfront costs. We understand you are in a position needing to raise money, not spend money.

How much money can we expect to make?

Our groups average between $200 and $250 profit per participant. Although many groups raise more.

What types of groups do you work with?

Every Group 10 to 10,000. We have successfully worked with thousand of groups and would love to get started with yours today. Typically our groups include middle school and high school age youth but we have also worked with elementary school aged programs with great success.

What do I need to do to make my campaign a success?

The only thing your campaign leadership teams is asked to do is simply follow our A.C.E method to fundraising success. Accountability to and Communication of Expectations. If you can do that to motivate your participants, we will do the rest and your campaign will be a huge success.

How long does a fundraising campaign take?

Most of our campaigns are geared towards lasting 7-10 days. Although our Power Campaign crowdfunding events can be accomplished in as little as an hour.

Do you offer prizes to participants?

Yes we do. Physical prizes, along with leadership motivation, are great ways to encourage participation from team members. Prizes will include gift cards, custom apparel, and other items your group will want. During your planning meetings we will craft a custom prize program suited just for your group.

Your mobile app, what is that?

The greatest single tool ever developed for fundraising. No Seriously. The American Youth App will be the accountant, scoreboard, auditor, and secretary of your fundraising campaign. From real-time monitoring of fundraising sales, to money collections, to product distributions, and prize selection, this app will be your new best friend. On top of all of that, participants use the app to sell via text, email, and all major social media platforms. The app should be called "Game Changer" but that name was already taken.

How long until we get our percent of sales?

The money is yours so it all goes to your account first!  Then you will pay us our portion once we have invoiced you.  Everything in the clear and by the book.

On product campaigns, your supporters pay you directly. All cash gets deposited into your account and all check are made out to you.  In app credit card sales are used to offset your final invoice and in the occasion your sold more via credit card than your invoice total, we write you a check within 48 hours.

Our Power Campaigns, you have the option to have your portion of the online donations deposited into your account as they come in during the campaign. This allows you to start receiving funds as quick as 48 hours after launch. Alternatively, if you need to, we can hold your funds in our holding account and issue one check at the end of the campaign.

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Alternatively you can call us directly at (602) 714-8144. Thank you for your interest.

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